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Summit Networking Bar & National Earth Awards Gala Dinner Sponsor & Category 6 project over $75M sponsor

While you are busy running your construction business, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your risk management program and civil contractors insurance program has been developed with experts in their field is invaluable. At Gallagher we have a team of specialist insurance brokers in the construction industry who are dedicated to making sure that you and your business are positioned to financially survive any insurable event.
We have been working with the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) for over thirty years and are their endorsed insurance broker. We know the challenges that face businesses working in the construction industry. Whether you’re involved in major constructions, repairs or land clearing, Gallagher construction insurance broking services are designed to support you with a tailored and competitive insurance solution so that you are prepared for the unexpected.


Summit Lunch Sponsor

Cbus is the national industry super fund for the building, construction and allied industries. The Fund is focused on maximising retirement outcomes for members, helping  employers manage their business superannuation needs and making super simple.

Through their wholly-owned property development company Cbus Property, Cbus invests back into the industry, creating new jobs across the country and delivering returns.



PelicanCorp provides software and services to Utilities, Asset owners and the Before You Dig/One Call industry specifically for the ‘Protection of Essential Infrastructure’. Our team has extensive experience working with Utilities, Before You Dig and Local Authorities in helping provide efficient end to end software solutions to increase awareness, improve information exchange and to re-engineer processes delivering benefits to the industry as a whole.

Kreisson is a progressive and solution-driven law firm based in the Sydney CBD with a national and international client base. Kreisson partners with clients who are seeking personalised and value added legal services. We act for principals, contractors, subcontractors, engineers, consultants, suppliers and investors in all types of construction, engineering and infrastructure projects locally, nationally and globally.

Our lawyers are fist class legal professionals who work in a fresh, agile, client-focused environment unconstrained by traditional inflexible work practices. This translates into production efficiencies and value based service delivery that understands the business of our clients.

The Trust enables employers to fund their employees’ redundancy entitlements as provided for under various industrial awards and enterprise agreements. Contributions are tax deductible and not subject to FBT.

With total assets of nearly $650million, ACIRT is Australia’s only national redundancy fund and has a Board of Directors made up of equal trade union and employer organisation representation (Including a Director nominated by the Civil Contractors Federation).

ACIRT pays no monies to unions or employers and distribute all its annual income to members.


CivFast – The on-line market for the Civil Industry. Are you a civil contractor looking for machinery to hire? Does your project require the sub-contracting of additional services? Where can you go to find the resources you need, on-time and to budget? OR, maybe you are a machinery hirer or service supplier. Where can you go to increase your business reach, fid potential clients and generate more leads? The answer is CIVFAST

CivFast is the exciting new “online market” portal, design to connect to the thousands of contractors, engineers and supplier of Australia’s Civil Industry – anytime, anywhere. Available 24/7 and operating in real-time, CivFast is the user-friendly, fast way to match people and resources across key areas of industry, including: Plant, Sub-contracting, Material and Fill.

Employsure has revolutionised the way small to medium sized business (SMEs) gain assistance with their employment relations, HR and workplace health and safety needs. As the leading workplace relations specialist, Employsure continues to change the way thousands of Australian businesses achieve workplace fairness and safety. Working closely with SME employers, ensuring they stay on top of rapidly changing regulations. With one of the most complicated employment legislative systems in the world, it is recognised that many Australian SME employers struggle to understand their obligations, leading to claims, disputes, industrial action and, at times, financial loss. Providing this cost-effective, end-to-end solution to SMEs, allows employers to comply with workplace regulations, so that they can focus on running a successful business.



MEGATRANS2018 is Australia’s first business-to-business international trade and conferencing event for the logistics, materials handling, and freight industry. MEGATRANS2018 will run from 10 – 12 May 2018, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, with all 20 bays in the venue having been booked for the expo and an anticipated 500+ national and international exhibitors expected to showcase their products, technology and services. It will attract visitation to the expo and conferences from around the nation and the globe and will be a major event for the logistics, materials handling and freight industry worldwide.